Decisions, Games, & Logic Workshop



First Workshop in
Decisions, Games & Logic '07
July 18 - 20, 2007, London School of Economics (LSE)

Johan van Benthem: The Logic of Intelligent Interaction

Social interactive behaviour involves about every meaningful activity for which logics have been devised: strategic action, information update, belief revision, and preference formation.

In this tutorial, we present some current dynamic logics dealing with all this, and show how their uniform methodology leads to analogies across fields and even merges between 'schools'.


1 Dynamic Logics of Information
Epistemic logic, information update, dynamic-epistemic logic.
Ref. J. van Benthem, 2005, 'One is a Lonely Number'.

2 Dynamic Logics of Belief
Doxastic logic, belief revision, dynamic-epistemic-doxastic logic.
Ref. J. van Benthem, 2007, 'Dynamic Logic for Belief Change'.

3 Dynamic Logics of Preference
Preference logic, changing obligations, from revision to merge.
Ref. J. van Benthem & F. Liu, 2006, 'Logic of Preference Upgrade'.

4 Applications and Repercussions, a glimpse
Epistemology (Fitch Paradox; new belief attitudes), games (update logics and
changing games); social choice (dynamics of deliberation).

Biographical note. Johan van Benthem is a university professor of pure and applied logic at the University of Amsterdam, professor of philosophy at Stanford University, and a visiting university professor at Guangzhou. He has worked in modal logic, temporal logic, logical semantics and syntax of natural language, as well as dynamic logics of computation and communication.