Decisions, Games, & Logic Workshop



First Workshop in
Decisions, Games & Logic '07
July 18 - 20, 2007, London School of Economics (LSE)

Adam Brandenburger: the Epistemic Program in Game Theory

The epistemic program in game theory is a methodical construction of game theory from its most basic elements : rationality and irrationality, belief and knowledge about such matters, beliefs about beliefs, knowledge about knowledge, and so on. Epistemic methods have been used to provide foundations for existing game-theoretic solution concepts, and also to uncover new solution concepts. The broader goal of the program is to provide a method of analyzing different sets of assumptions about games in a precise and uniform manner. In this tutorial, we will give an overview of the program.

Readings. You can get a good sense of what we will cover from my survey, The Power of Paradox: Some Recent Developments in Interactive Epistemology'', International Journal of Game Theory, 35, 2007, 465-492.

Biographical Note. Adam Brandenburger is the J.P. Valles Professor of Business Economics and Strategy at the Stern School of Business, NYU. He works on the foundations of game theory and also on the application of game theory to business strategy.