friday macro

misc readings

Organisers: Tom Cunningham & Alonso Perez-Kakabadse
Contact: t*e*cunningham@lse*ac*uk


Summer 2010

12 August - Tom Cunningham - Bank of England's Bad Predictions

5 August -

29 July - Nathan Foley-Fisher - Irish Austerity

22 July - Tom Cunningham - Post-Crisis Deficits

FMG Library, 7pm.

15 July - Chrisoph Ungerer - Inflation & Deflation Prospects

FMG Library, 7pm.

Summer Term 2009

29 May - Pablo Salame, Goldman Sachs

(co-head of sales & trading)

Wednesday 20th of May - Charles Goodhart - 6pm FMG library

Monday 18th of May - John McDermott, chief economist, RBNZ - 6pm FMG library

15 May -- No meeting

8 May -- Carlos Eduardo Soares Gonçalves, FEA/USP, Inflation Targeting

1 May -- Greed & the Crisis - tom

Lent Term

20 March - Peter Boone ( )

6 March - Andy Anker (SAC Capital)

27 February - Paul Woolley

20 February - Manos Papatheophanos (EMSO partners)

13 February - (no meeting)

6 February - Multipliers, Mariano Cena

30 January - joint micro/macro happy hour (in EOPP).

23 January - Tom Cunningham the Wealth Distribution & the Drop in Asset Prices

16 January - NO MEETING

Michaelmas Term


5-Dec: Paul Tew & Lucilia Falsarella-Pereira (OFT) The Lloyds-TSB HBOS merger

[drinks: Christian]

28-Nov: Mario Blejer (10.45-12 )

21-Nov: Christian Fons-Rosen, the Subprime Panic

[drinks: Gunes]

14/11: Alonso Perez-Kakabadse : How will the Financial Crisis Affect the Real Economy?

[drinks: Hande]

7/11: Manos Papatheophanos

[drinks: James]
Manos Papatheofanos is a portfolio manager at EMSO Partners Ltd, a London based investment fund investing in emerging markets globally. His main focus in fixed income and foreign exchange. Manos received a BSc in Computer Sciences from Imperial College in 1993 and a MSc in Finance from LBS in 1998. Prior to joining EMSO in 2005 he worked at IXIS-CIB, Nomura, D E Shaw and Salomon Brothers.
Manos Papatheofanous will speak with us about the current event in the financial markets and in particular on the role and strategies that hedge funds devoted to emerging markets have played as the current financial crisis developed.

31/10: Gianluca Benigno : emerging markets, decoupling, and CDSs @ 5PM!

[drinks: Christoph]

24/10: Hande Kucuk-Tuger: What happened to the inflation target?

[drinks: Gunes]

17/10: Zsofie Barany: Deleveraging [drinks: Piotr]

10/10: Chris Colvin : Universal Banking is Better

3/10: Pierre Chaigneau: Why We Need the Paulson Plan

26/9: Christian Siegel : House Prices Do Have a Wealth Effect

19/9: Tom Cunningham : Commodity Prices Nothing to do with Interest Rates

12/9: Burc Tuger, "Japan's Lost Decade & Our Current Financial Crisis"

22 August 08: Piotr Zurawski: "Should central banks be given additional instruments to tackle this crisis? - On the technical side of central bank operations."

15 August: Michael McMahon: "The Global Credit Crunch - Causes, Consequences and Responses"

7 August: Sergi Lanau, "Should Central Banks Burst Bubbles?"

1/8: Nathan Foley-Fisher, "What can the rest of the world do about Zimbabwe?"